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Our reason for being as Experience Engineers is to spread delight. By creating positive and memorable experiences for our clients, their teams, and their customers. In fact, we are on a mission to create Happy Fans. For both our business partners and ourselves!


Emotional bonding has become indispensable for companies. Delighting others means creating authentic and personal marketing that impacts inward as well as outward relations. As Experience Engineers we want to create experiences that have the power to do exactly this. Performance Solutions offers solutions designed to break thinking patterns open, support employees and transform your customers into happy fans.


over the past 12 months…

92NPS (Net Promotor Score)


We work for and with an array of companies in different sectors to help improve their customer experience. This includes making shopping more fun, hotel visits more rewarding, hospital stays less awkward or flying more comfortably. Just have a look and get inspired. Click here for more projects!

Christiane de Jong

As a global player in the hospitality branch at airports, it’s all about the guests. Performance Solutions helps us with the training development and materials to transform our organization from process thinking to guest experience. With the empowerment of our staff and putting the guest at number one, we emphasise our slogan ‘Feeling Good on the Move’…

Christiane de Jong - HMSHost

Worldhotels unites a large variety of intriguing venues. With “Start with WHY” we want to encourage our hotels to let their individuality shine through and create inspiring moments for their customers. Performance Solutions helps us to identify what makes each hotel unique by asking “What do you want your customers to experience when they stay in your hotel?”…

Geoff Andrew - Worldhotels
Grant-McGregor-Retail-Customer-Experience-Shell 3

Performance Solutions have been flexible, practical, and enthusiastic in their approach, while support the delivery of a stepped change to delivering more customer focused experiences. The collaborative approach and creative tools provided by Performance Solutions, and the ability to understand their own customers’ needs became obvious very quickly…

Grant McGregor - Shell Global


Do you want to transform your business into a memorable experience? Get inspired by Start Reverse (book) or the Experience STARs & EPIC Leadership programs including training videos and facilitator guides!

Mobile Escape Room – The STAR Escape

Looking for a fun and engaging way to ‘spice up’ your training, team session or immersion program for new employees? Just a few examples of how you can use “The STAR Escape Room”!

The escape room has been designed as a mobile (pop-up) escape room and includes a trolley with all items needed. A complete facilitation script, all props and materials and a USB stick with printables & presentations. The STAR Escape Room can be used:

as a training activity (trainer toolkit & script included);
during teambuilding (fun!) sessions;
integrated into your immersion training for new employees;
during conferences & events.

This pop-up Escape Room is designed by gamification-guru Michiel van Eunen. Michiel has been designing (and facilitating) gamified training exercises for many years. Traveling across the globe to inspire and energize people. And confronting them in a playful way with their natural behaviors…

Any questions about The STAR Escape Room? Feel free to contact us at or call our Global Support Office at +31 (0)23 – 510 0 510. We’ll be happy to assist!



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