Want to Create a Memorable Experience? Stimulate all five senses!

Here are five tips that you can use to give your guest an optimal, tailor-made experience. Personal details makes the strongest connection.


What is the clothing style of your guest or for an organization? Very formal or hip and trendy? Adjust your clothing to your guest so you are not under- or overdressed.


Check-out the personal pages on social media: Do they like a certain restaurant? Are there food pictures on Instagram? Or just ask: Instead of asking for dietary requirements ask what their favorite meal is and serve it!


How does someone like to be treated? Is your guest very formal in previous communication or –on the contrary- very outgoing and spontaneous? Adjust your welcoming and hosting and apply mirroring techniques by using the same words, gestures and the way someone sits or stands. You make your guest feel very welcome and at home.


What is someone’s music taste? Can you check the social music media or Facebook for likes of certain bands/music. Or use the music from commercials of the organization you are welcoming. They will recognize it and feel extra special!


Check the social media profile again! Maybe your guest liked a brand of perfume which you can wear? Many fashion organizations create their own perfume. Smell is not always mentioned right away, but unconsciously creates a very strong connection.

Include all five senses and you create an amazing experience!

Do you need a venue for a meeting or training? Performance Solutions‘ Experience Engineers are there to make your day! Book our Xperience Room and use the ambiance lighting and scent machine to create a memorable experience that stimulates all the senses. Read more about our venue (in Dutch) or contact Danja directly for your personal offer.

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