Video Recruitment to Assess Future Co-workers at Me and All Hotels

Obsessed with providing a premium candidate experience to fit their unique atmosphere, Me and All Hotels, the second brand of Lindner Hotels AG will now use Cammio to assess their Future Explorers (m/f/d). With their urban and casual flair, me and all hotels address to city and business travelers as well as local heroes willing to combine life, work and communication within a friendly vibe.

Each me and all hotel is singular and decorated according to the city’s intimate character. With a first hotel opened in 2016 in Dusseldorf and the second one in 2018 in Mainz, there are now 5 more hotels planned until 2025. Me and all hotels have a very special employee-concept: Explorers (m/f/d). Polyvalent employees that work as all-rounder hosts (knowing their way around the reception or in the F&B).

Together with Cammio and experience engineers Performance Solutions, the hotel group will use automated video interviews to both display their local work environment and make a more personal connection with candidates. The videos will be shot in the hotels and, in addition to personality-oriented questions, there will be live “hotel situations” simulations to assess candidate’s intuition, service orientation, and behavior.

Learn more about how to assess co-workers with natural behavior matching your desired customer/guest experience? Just drop us a line, we would be delighted to tell you all about our casting concept and show you some great examples! 


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