The Hunt – Finalist Gamification Europe Awards 2018

We’re very proud to announce that “The Hunt“, an Alternate Reality Game designed by our Gamification expert Michiel van Eunen, is finalist in the Gamification Europe Awards 2018! An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is a highly engaging game (that is not a game…), weaving the real world with a fictional world through a compelling backstory. Using different media, subtle gameplay and influence from the community that plays it.

Happy Co-workers will create Happy Customers

We’ve created a game called “The Hunt” for our client DEEN Supermarkten. Their purpose is to make their customers happy. You need happy co-workers to make happy customers! During a period of four weeks their supermarket was visited multiple times by customer X. Anyone walking through the doors could be customer X. Tall or small, happy or grumpy. Just a kid, an old lady and everything in between. And it was (and actually still is…) their objective as a store team to reveal these clients. How? By making them happy! By exceeding their expectations. The store team that revealed the most mystery clients won!

Did it work?

Yes! Besides a lot of fun and interaction between the team members they:

  • greeted more customers;
  • had more communication with each other and other store teams;
  • made more customers happy (NPS score); and…
  • sold more!

Do you want to learn about gamification and how you can apply this in your organization? Meet our team of Learning Design & Gamification Experts and just drop us a line!

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