The 6 Super Powers of a Guest Experience Pro

Being a guest experience professional isn’t something you can learn completely; it is something you are born with. I’d like to compare a service professional by being a superhero. In a way you are delivering an extraordinary performance which affects the lives of your guest for a moment. It is important to master some habits, some superpowers to make the experience of your guest extraordinary, to make them raving fans!

Here are some superpowers which help you to create an unforgettable experience for your guest:

1. Mindreading

Yep, this is the one I always dreamt of having. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know exactly what one is thinking? By completely going into the mind of your guest you are coming close to actually having this power. Listen without being judgemental, read the non-verbal signs and mirror one’s body language. On you can even download an app to finding ones state of mind which brings the power of mindreading even closer to master.

2. Focus

It is so easy to be distracted by all surroundings: your phone, other people or even your own goals can interfere what is really important: your guest… Sometimes you think you know what is up but only by truly listening and understanding what the other person have to say you can create the best experiences.

3. Invisibility

Sometimes, it is important to be invisible. It’s a fact that the guest isn’t coming especially for you: he or she came to have a good time for their own. You are the creator of the whole experience for the guest but you do not always have to be very present. When your guest is in the middle of an important conversation, don’t disturb him or her but invisible get your guest a refill and he or she will be amazed by the way you  used your ninja-power to get it done. Making sure that the guest is provided completely and has nothing to wish for – even when they didn’t ask for it.

4. Healing

When you are in a service industry, there is no way you can not have the habit of caring or healing. In the movies, the superhero uses his/her power to heal wounds, fix broken bones and even make people come back to live. As an experience pro, you can heal people by giving lots of attention, smiles, and coffee (this really makes someone come back to life sometimes).

5. One hell of a memory

Yes. This is the easiest superpower because there are -more than one- cheats to master it.. You can write down the likes and dislikes of a special guest. It’s so important to remember all the details of your guest. You will make someones day by remembering the birthday of their child or coming back to something he or she talked about a week ago. You will not only be experienced as very thoughtful of remembering a birthday, but you can even blow one’s mind by remembering and serving their favourite morning coffee (skinny latte, with 2 sugar, right?)

6. Mimicry

You don’t absorb a power but you act in a way your guest can relate. When serving an older guest, take more time for them; when someone is in a hurry, try to help this guest faster or leave out annoying details. It is all about absorbing the lifestyle of the guest -or even groups of guests- and act the same way. Step in the shoes of your guest to know how they feel, what they’ve had experienced in the past and in what world they are living in. Social media really helps in doing research to create mimicry.

Which of these superpowers do you master most?

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