Jeroen van der Schenk

Jeroen van der Schenk
Head of Global Performance Academy

I’m passionate about Customer Experience, Talent Development, (Online) Marketing & Disruptive Business models. Helping organizations to turn their business into a memorable experience by Reverse Thinking & Engineering. It’s not easy to consistently thrill customers with your brand and to turn them into loyal fans. Reverse Thinking & Engineering is both a philosophy and process. It puts your desired customer experience at the centre of your company structure and helps you to build a corporate culture around it.

We live in a time where everything happens in an instant. Everything has to happen fast, efficient. Where the rhythms and skills of work turn into cash. Where likes depict our happiness. Where the promise of fulfillment of every wish is at the touch of a button. Luckily you know that’s not the truth. Success is no longer counted by dollars and likes, but by how many lives we positively impact. Emotions are the most powerful currency. Connections and experiences make the real profit.

Specialisms: customer experience design, social media, internet marketing, e-commerce, communicatie, (disruptive) businessmodels, trends, gadgets, webcare, innovation, hospitality, reputation management, automotive, social media strategy. Proclaimed by Emerce as ‘E-commerce Man of the Year’.

Do you want to turn your business into an (even better) experience and really make a difference in peoples lives? Just drop me a line at and/or connect with me on Linkedin.



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