Great Customer Experience? Leadership Comes First!

Quite often we receive requests from organizations to deliver a training to improve their customer experience. Unfortunately, putting your team in a u-shaped classroom setting and talk about customer experience for a day is not going to 'do the trick'. Why? Because everyone always agrees on the importance of a...

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What do millennials want from a job?

Millennials are often thought of as job hoppers; however, that is a misconception. According to a survey of almost 1.500 millennials, job stability is highly valued. Almost 90% said they would choose to stay in a job for the next 10 years if they knew they’d get annual raises and upward career...

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The 4 core Powers
The 4 Core Powers – a Secret Formula for Sustainability in Customer Experience

Is there a secret formula for Sustainability in Customer Experience? Like it or not, people are hedonistic by nature. We love to talk about ourselves and our experiences to anyone who will indulge us even our cyber audience – existent or not. Thanks to social media opening up unlimited brag pages,...

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The Gen Z Factor
The Gen ‘Z Factor’

Yes, ‘Z’ factor… not ‘X’ factor. Is this the latest reality talent show? Well, in a sense, YES. We are talking about the elusive Generation Z - the children of Generation Y. The reality is that Gen Z’ers, born from 1995 on, will make up a powerful part of the...

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