4 Common threats in Authentically Engaged Organisations
4 Common Threats in Authentically Engaged Organizations

Amidst the blur of always-on mobile devices, agile apps and nimble fingered users, there is an underlying angst amongst business leaders just to stay current.  Compound that with trying to sustain an organization where the frontline staff are often quicker and keener with the pace of change than the management....

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5 Tips For Facilitators

5 Tips for Facilitators Whether you are a 20 year veteran Trainer, or recently hired to immerse new employees, facilitators face many of the same challenges and rewards. The two usually go hand in hand. I’ve experienced that preparing, practicing, and owning your content for an important training session aren’t...

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11 Tips Leaders
11 Tips for Leaders on how to Transform Managers into Stewards

How do you turn managers into stewards? Here, I’ve selected 11 tips that’ll help you get there, chosen from my book 365 Way on How to Love Your Employees (and Customers). Why these 11 tips? You can choose one by yourself and then use it. There are 354 more of them,...

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Inspiration for Inspiration

What an awesome feeling to return from a delighting holiday and start working with a healthy dose of inspiration. It gives you energy.. You’re inspired...Inspiration… How do i get that? Your holiday has most likely been a period of events that somehow inspired you. But how do you get the...

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Guest Experience
When Guest Experience Goes Wrong

authenticity | /ɔːθɛnˈtɪsɪti/ Authenticity is the quality of being authentic. One definition of authentic is "Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine". But what is it like to be authentic? And what if being authentic does not fit the organization culture? Often a new product or service on the market...

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Social Learning
How to design for Social Learning: Three Tips

In the past there were only learning designers: People who design training material. Then e-learning designers accompanied them: People who design e-learnings (online courses). Now there are social learning designers in the learning design business: People who design online social learning experiences (learning with and from each other on the...

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Happiness… Truth or Dare!

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin states 8 truths of happiness. I dare you to take action in this happiness project! Here are 8 truths with a dare with each one. How many can you fulfill? 1. Truth: “To be happier, you have to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and...

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Memorable Experience
Want to Create a Memorable Experience? Stimulate all five senses!

Here are five tips that you can use to give your guest an optimal, tailor-made experience. Personal details makes the strongest connection. SEE What is the clothing style of your guest or for an organization? Very formal or hip and trendy? Adjust your clothing to your guest so you are...

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Seven Tips Spring
Seven Tips On How to Turn Your Spring Fever Into Action

The first rays of sunlight, warmth, birds singing… Do you feel that extra energy flowing right through you? Despite people suffering from hay fever, spring is an ideal way to reboost yourself, your relation with your team members and clients. Here are 7 tips to turn the spring fever into...

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