Andre Wiringa - Interview AmsterdamFM by Jacques Hoendervangers
Interview with Andre Wiringa on AmsterdamFM

Listen to the interview (in Dutch) on AmsterdamFM radio with Andre Wiringa, CXO and Managing Partner at Performance Solutions. Talking about how to creating consistently memorable experiences for your customers, guests, patients, passengers etc. Working with global brands like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Mazda, Le Pain Quotidien and many more... We...

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Joe Pine
Interview: Joe Pine on how to Stage (Digital) Marketing Performances

You’re competing with the rest of the world for valuable time with your customers. You must stage marketing experiences to generate demand. But how, what, and when? Joe Pine, co-author of The Experience Economy and Infinite Possibility, explains that everybody has a desire for authentic experiences, but you can’t sell experiences because they...

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Media Markt Experience
Interview: Intrinsic Motivation At Media Markt

Do you LOVE Media Markt? At the end of 2013, Media Markt started a development program I LOVE Media Markt to improve the customer experience. Read along with Hans Duineveld, Managing Director at Media Markt Eindhoven, about LOVE, experience walls, and our connected future. The starting point of I LOVE...

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