Simplicity by colours
Simplicity by Colours, that is what People talk about…

What meaning do you give to colors? Even though there is no scientific evidence on the effect of colors, we all associate colors with specific feelings, characteristics and meanings. No doubt, you associate love with the color red. Green is associated with safety. Think of the green traffic light or the...

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Casting is Fun

Tell me about your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? About 2 years ago these were the endless questions I received as I went from job interview to job interview. I found myself calling my family after each interview “but these questions don’t...

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Brand Interaction
How to make brand interaction work in your business

The coca-cola-bottles with your name on it, the personal interaction when ordering at Zappo's, the app's and website designs at webshops which remembers you preferences and data - they all have the same goal: to exceed your satisfaction. It's an interaction between you and successful brands. This is something you can...

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Memorable Experience
Want to Create a Memorable Experience? Stimulate all five senses!

Here are five tips that you can use to give your guest an optimal, tailor-made experience. Personal details makes the strongest connection. SEE What is the clothing style of your guest or for an organization? Very formal or hip and trendy? Adjust your clothing to your guest so you are...

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Photo Essay
Photo Essay: An Experience Rally

Sales land is a democracy. Your customers vote at the register. As a brand, you must stage marketing experiences to generate demand, argued new experience economy guru Joe Pine during his exclusive masterclass at Performance Solutions. What does an experience look like? To find out, we went on an experience rally....

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Own Happiness
F.E.E.D. For Happy Thoughts

In training and coaching we often help people understand the meaning of experience. Where does an experience start? What is the influence of behavior regarding experience? I’m sure you will have your own example(s) of (im)perfect experiences. Every time I have a perfect or an imperfect experience, I think about...

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