Employee Engagement

knowing me knowing you
Knowing Me…Knowing You

People follow behavior, not strategies! This is more and more the case in today’s world, a true leader needs to understand his or her impact on others. Have you ever been in the situation where some people behave according to your decisions and directions where as others don’t? Do you...

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5 Tips For Facilitators

5 Tips for Facilitators Whether you are a 20 year veteran Trainer, or recently hired to immerse new employees, facilitators face many of the same challenges and rewards. The two usually go hand in hand. I’ve experienced that preparing, practicing, and owning your content for an important training session aren’t...

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The Gen Z Factor
The Gen ‘Z Factor’

Yes, ‘Z’ factor… not ‘X’ factor. Is this the latest reality talent show? Well, in a sense, YES. We are talking about the elusive Generation Z - the children of Generation Y. The reality is that Gen Z’ers, born from 1995 on, will make up a powerful part of the...

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Simplicity by colours
Simplicity by Colours, that is what People talk about…

What meaning do you give to colors? Even though there is no scientific evidence on the effect of colors, we all associate colors with specific feelings, characteristics and meanings. No doubt, you associate love with the color red. Green is associated with safety. Think of the green traffic light or the...

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Probably one of the most confusing nouns I’ve ever heard. It could mean ‘an agreement to marry someone’ as well as ‘the act of beginning to fight’. With debates on live television whether to accept foreign fugitives into Europe whilst the world holds her breath in fear of a possible...

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FISH!Y Ever After at KLM

October 15, 2008. Uhm… yeah? And? When my colleagues call dates out of the blue like that, my body usually responds like this: my relaxed face pulls away and a grin appears. This is my non-verbal expression to express: “It’s nothing personal. Just give me a minute and I’ll get...

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Five Ways FISH!
Five Ways To Use FISH! In Your Company

n Pike Place Fish Market, where the FISH! philosophy originates, they throw fish. A common response is: "But at work, I can't throw fish!" But as FISH! Facilitator Jacqueline Eeken says: “If Pike Place can create experiences with dead fish, everybody can!” FISH! AT KLM, VILLA XL AND LE PAIN...

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Schiphol Airport
Customer Experience at Yask Airport Information

From delays to marriage proposals. From queen Maxima's purse to a bracelet worth 100.000 euros. Every day is different as an airport information employee at Schiphol Airport! Read along with Anne-Marie van Eijden, Business Unit Manager at Yask Airport Information. Yask Airport Information kicked off an Emergenetics-change-project this month. They want...

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Comfort Zone
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Currently, I’m guiding a team that recently opened the doors of a new hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands. The team members were recruited during a casting day that was organised in a very distinct way. The result is a stronghold of enthusiastic, motivated people who all in their own...

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