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Customer Service for Millennials

The other day I was enjoying a cup of coffee at a café when I overheard two women talking. One was telling the other about an experience she had when she called customer service about a broken product. She was amazed with the customer service she received. Especially since her...

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3 Tips to Keep Customer Experience on Top of Mind
3 Tips to Keep Customer Experience Top of Mind

I love the beach. On my days away from work, I’ll throw a towel and a book in my dry bag, flip my folding chair over my shoulder and stroll down the block to the warm sand.  And I’m never without my favorite boardshorts.  The other day I noticed I...

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Customers continuous attention
Why Customers Deserve Our Continuous Attention For Customer Service

"What kind of work do you do?” the optician asks me. "I train," I answer. He continues with his measurements. And yes, after 10 minutes or so, there it is. The follow up question. "So, I'm curious, what kind of training do you do?" "Around customer service and experience," I...

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