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Next generations

On average, we look at our phones 221 times a day. Nowadays, children stream more videos on their iPad’s than that they’re watching ‘regular’ television.
The new encyclopedia is called ‘Google’… Because, be honest… if you want to know something about a subject you don’t know much about.. Where do you look for the answer?
The world is changing on a fast speed because of technology. Not a weird thought to change the traditional way of learning to a more modern, effective way.

But how?

A lot of research has been done about how to increase the efficiency of learnings. How can you boost the learning performance without forgetting about the personal needs of your employees? There are several elements to take into account when developing (blended) learning programmes.

Everyone knows that you learn the most by doing things. A well-known learning & development theory is the 70-20-10 principle. 10% of knowledge and skills are learned by following classroom trainings or reading books. So when you don’t put this knowledge in practice (70%), you don’t really benefit from what you’ve learned. Even worse, according to Ebbinhaus’ forgetting curve, you have already forgotten 50% of what you’ve learned the moment you step out of the classroom. Only by repeating and applying will you get the highest return.

The last thing you need is coaching and feedback of colleagues and supervisors (20%), who share knowledge with you and point out your improvement points.

And now…?

Why don’t we just stop training, if it’s so inefficient? No, that’s not the solution.. I believe in integral approach to learning, blended learning, in which the focus is on social learning & on the job learning.  By using (mobile) technology you make it fun and appealing for the new generations, as well. Learning should be fun, relevant and always available to you.

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