Start Reverse – Terms of Use

We’re happy that you’ve chosen to use Reverse programs to help grow customer experience and leadership with your company and yourself. It is important that you read these Terms as they form a legal agreement between you, your organization or company, if applicable, and Solutions Unlimited. If you disagree with anything in these Terms, Solutions Unlimited does not grant you a license to use the Program and, as a result, you may not use it. You may return any unopened program for a refund. If you have any questions, feel free to call Solutions Unlimited at +31 (0)23 – 510 0 510 or email us at

Solutions Unlimited reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice, to change these Terms in its sole and absolute discretion. The most current version of these Terms can be found on By using Reverse Programs subsequent to any modification of the Terms, you agree to be bound by the full language of the most current Terms. Your only recourse if you disagree with any Term is to discontinue your use of the Program.


Solutions Unlimited creates video, written, art, audio and other works designed to provoke thought and discussion related to Customer Experience & Leadership. Through intentionally designed processes, language, artwork and tools, these works help create and improve a vision for a team and workplace; teach skills such as leadership, communication, trust and recognition; and sustain these results. In addition, Solutions Unlimited uses (online) software and other programs to distribute and provide access to these works. All of these elements, in any format and delivery, are “Content” under this Agreement. In sum, anything you receive from Solutions Unlimited or give to Solutions Unlimited should be considered “Content,” and will belong either to Solutions Unlimited or one of its suppliers or partners. In addition, Solutions Unlimited also provides opportunities for feedback, suggestions, comments and discussion forums. This is “Internet Content.”

You agree to abide by the rights in Solutions Unlimited’s ownership, and assign or give to Solutions Unlimited any rights that you may develop, incur or create in Content or its derivatives. Solutions Unlimited does not “sell” copies of its Content, but sells licenses to use the Content. Solutions Unlimited retains all right, title and interest, including without limitation all intellectual property rights in and to the Content, and all elements and components thereof, such as technology, software, code, user interfaces, derivative works and/or compilations.

Standard Licensed Uses of Content

When you purchase a ‘program,’ you receive one of the following Standard Licensed Uses. Your invoice, a streamed video, or accompanying materials should show which type of Standard Licensed Use you received. And, of course, you can call Solutions Unlimited with any questions.

PREVIEW LICENSE refers to the grant of a restricted and temporary license that entitles the User the opportunity to see the Product in full or part for the sole purpose of making a decision whether to purchase. User(s) may not use the Preview for Performance(s) such as training, seminars, workshops, coaching, exhibition, classes, and facilitation.

NON COMMERCIAL USE LICENSES permits Performing the Content only to yourself and the employees of your organization or company. Non-Commercial Use License refers to the grant of a restricted and temporary license that entitles the User the opportunity to Perform the Product internally to its employees only. Non Commercial Use License can come with the following durations:

  • 7 days streaming (3 views)

COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE permits Performing the Content in exchange for monetary benefit or to promote a service or product (whether by or for the Licensee or another user) by any means. Commercial Use includes, but is not limited to, using the Content for profit with someone who is not an employee of your organization; in conjunction with or as a means to market a product or service with someone who is not an employee of your organization; and to advance relationships (such as providing a goodwill Performance to a client or prospective client) with someone who is not an employee of your organization. The availability of a Commercial Use License depends upon the experience of the licensee, market needs, internal growth strategies of Solutions Unlimited and other factors. If an agreement is reached, you will receive a separate written Commercial Use License Agreement.

Brand and Artwork License

Subject to your compliance to these Terms and Conditions, as are all license terms, Solutions Unlimited grants you a license to display the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, artwork, copyright notices, domain names and other distinctive marks of Solutions Unlimited, related to the Start Reverse Program for the following purposes:

  1. For internal use with your employees to promote a Solutions Unlimited program;
  2. as part of a PowerPoint or similar Performance pursuant to a Licensed Use;
  3. for the purpose of promoting or advertising that you use a Solutions Unlimited program.

When using any Solutions Unlimited (trade)mark, for example but not limited to REVERSE, Experience STARs, EPIC Leadership, a legible acknowledgment must appear in a prominent location stating as follows: “[mark] is a trademark or service marks of Solutions Unlimited and used with permission. All rights reserved.”

You may not register, use, or associate the corporate name of Solutions Unlimited or any Solutions Unlimited Mark or other Intellectual Property of Solutions Unlimited, or any name or mark closely resembling them, as part of your company name or in or on any signs, Internet domain name, letterhead, telephone directory listings, business cards, or other office or business supplies, or in any manner that, in Solutions Unlimited’s belief, tarnishes the goodwill associated with Solutions Unlimited Intellectual property or may confuse customers as to:

  • a translation of the Trademarks or any mark in a local language spoken in the Territory;
  • the origin of any Products or any of your products; or
  • Solutions Unlimited’s association with or sponsorship of your business or products.

You may not use the Trademarks in any way that may suggest falsely that a product is a Solutions Unlimited product, or that the Products are your products, or that any non-Solutions Unlimited product or activity has been approved or endorsed by Solutions Unlimited. Solutions Unlimited may request you to cease any use of the mark that Solutions Unlimited determines, in its sole discretion, breaches this term and/or terminate your license rights in its sole discretion.

Other Intellectual Property Terms

Solutions Unlimited retains all right, title and interest, including without limitation, all intellectual property rights in and to the Content, and all elements and components thereof, such as technology, software, code, user interfaces, derivative works and/or compilations. You do not acquire any right, title or interest in any Content or other Solutions Unlimited property except the uses as expressly set forth in these License Terms. All licenses are limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicenseable and non-transferable. All rights not expressly stated are reserved.

Any goodwill arising from your use of Solutions Unlimited Content and Marks shall inure to Solutions Unlimited. You are responsible for your conduct while using Solutions Unlimited Content and access to the Content, and agree to use the Content only as licensed and permitted. You will adopt controls and procedures to ensure compliance with the licensed uses of Content and Solutions Unlimited shall be entitled to inspect your site and/or records to observe and approve the controls and procedures practices, and terminate this license for breach.

Improper Uses

If you use any Content in a way that Solutions Unlimited, or, where applicable, a third-party provider of such Content to Solutions Unlimited, finds unacceptable for any reasons, including if your use violates these Terms or disparages, damages, tarnishes or impairs the goodwill of the Content, Solutions Unlimited or the third-party provider may require you immediately change or cease your use of this Content or terminate any license/use you may have. Specific examples of improper use, for illustrative purposes, include doing the following without a separate, signed agreement with Solutions Unlimited:

  • Copying, digitizing or recording any Content, including placing on intranet or internet.
  • Distributing, selling or reselling any Content.
  • Lending, circulating or leasing the Content.
  • Creating derivative works. Derivative works may be created for internal use only with employees, must be destroyed after use, and any right or title in the work inures to Solutions Unlimited.
  • Broadcasting (the transmission by wire or over the air, including by internet, intranet, closed circuit, cable or satellite transmissions, of any Product(s) for reception of sounds and/or images, or of the representations thereof) any Content.
  • Removing or altering the authors’ names, any copyright or trademark notices, or other means of identification or disclaimers as they appear in Content.
  • Creating or developing an application or ability that would enable any user to playback of any content outside of the licensed use or outside of the venue provided by Solutions Unlimited.
  • Circumventing, reverse engineering, disassembling, reconstructing, or modifying any key or other security mechanism or authentication technology.
  • Impersonating any person or obtaining access to any Content without authorization, or helping to do so.
  • Editing or modifying in any way any Content, including inserting advertisement, an overlay that interferes with viewing the Content, or other materials, or removing or shortening any element of the Content.
  • Offering for Commercial Uses the Performance of Content to people who are not employees of your organization.
  • Interfering or disrupting Solutions Unlimited services or networks connected to Solutions Unlimited services, or disobey any requirement, policy or procedure regarding connecting to Solutions Unlimited services.
  • Placing the Content near or next to adult or inappropriate content.
  • Associating the Content or brands with any adult or inappropriate content.
  • Use of any Solutions Unlimited program or Content for an illegal or unauthorized purpose.
  • Using any part of Solutions Unlimited Content or services as part of your Application, marketing, or to promote a pyramid scheme, chain letter or other message disruptive to intended uses.
  • Engaging in any other action that would infringe upon, harm or contest the rights of title of Solutions Unlimited in or to the Intellectual Property, any goodwill, or the validity of the Intellectual Property, including but not limited to registering or claiming ownership of any Intellectual Property or its derivative

Engaging in any unlicensed use, including the examples of improper uses above, can subject you to big penalties. By this Agreement, you understand your obligations and agree to respect Solutions Unlimited’s Content. You also agree to pay any damages, costs and fees, including attorney’s fees, resulting from any breach of these terms, non-licensed use because of any breach in your obligation to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password, infringement of any intellectual property right, and any other damage as provided by applicable law. If you need to do anything outside of a licensed use, please, contact Solutions Unlimited and receive a written license, signed by Solutions Unlimited, permitting this use and you will be okay.


Fees for any license will be stated on the invoice. For any installment billing, the full fees and charges, including sales and use taxes, are fully earned upon invoice. You are responsible for full sale charges for lost Content or Content not returned upon expiration of any license, and you authorize Solutions Unlimited to charge your payment method for such amounts at the rate then being charged. Payments are nonrefundable. There are no refunds or credits for partially used (streaming)periods. At any time, Solutions Unlimited may provide a refund, discount, bonus or other consideration to a client. The amount and form of such benefit and the decision to provide it is at Solutions Unlimited’s sole and absolute discretion. Providing a benefit to one client does not obligate Solutions Unlimited to provide it to another, and providing a benefit at one time does not obligate Solutions Unlimited to provide it at another time.


Content is designed to provoke and expand a person’s and organization’s vision and thoughts, and lead to conversations and growth. User bears responsibility for implementing the practices and skills described in any content. Video stream and downloads are protected for the duration of the stream or download license, meaning, we will help resolve troubles related to receiving the video. We are not responsible and cannot help with hardware, broadband, internet access, and other such problems. Any hardware accompanying content, content and services are provided as-is and as-available basis; and use of it is at your risk. Solutions Unlimited makes no warranty that any content, product or service (i) will meet your requirement, (ii) will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, error-free, or errors will be corrected, (iii) will provide results that are accurate or reliable, or (iv) will meet your expectations. Any content received from Solutions Unlimited is acquired at your discretion and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your equipment, computer system or loss of data related to such use, access or download. Any other warranties, express or implied, are disclaimed, including warranties of performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, Solutions Unlimited shall not be liable for any consequential damages. No advice or information, oral or written, obtained by you from Solutions Unlimited will create a warranty not expressly stated in these terms.

Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree to the extent permitted by law that Solutions Unlimited will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to loss of profit, goodwill, use, data or other intangible damages or losses even if Solutions Unlimited is advised of the potential.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, you hereby release and waive all damages against Solutions Unlimited and its affiliates, subsidiaries, officer, agents, partners, and employees from any and all liabilities for claims, damages (actual and consequential), costs, expenses and attorney’s fees of every kind and nature arising from or in any way related to your use of Solutions Unlimited’s Content.