Mobile Escape Room – EPIC Leadership Escape Room

Looking for an engaging way to ‘spice up’ your training, team session or immersion program for new employees? Just a few examples of how you can use the EPIC Leadership Escape Room”!

The escape room has been designed as a mobile (pop-up) escape room and includes a trolley with all items needed. A complete facilitation script, all props and materials and a USB stick with printables & presentations. The EPIC Leadership Escape Room can be used:

  • as a training activity during leadership training (trainer toolkit & script included);
  • as a teambuilding (fun!) activity with your management team;
  • as a part of your immersion training for new leaders/managers;
  • during conferences & events.

This pop-up Escape Room is designed by gamification-guru Michiel van Eunen. Michiel has been designing (and facilitating) gamified training exercises for many years. Traveling across the globe to inspire and energize people. And confronting them in a playful way with their natural behaviors…

Any questions about the EPIC Leadership Escape Room? Feel free to contact us at or call our Global Support Office at +31 (0)23 – 510 0 510. We’ll be happy to assist!

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Why using an Escape Room in your training(s)?

People learn by doing. While playing the EPIC Leadership Escape Room, participants are intensively playing for an hour. Searching, puzzling, analyzing and deducing. But also: collaborating, convincing, leading and following and taking initiative. And you may add dynamics like communication, trust, flexibility, responsibility. Oh… and herd behavior, competition, stress and time pressure!

When people are intensively engaged in an activity (flow), they’re not thinking about their behavior. They are not concerned with how they should behave. And fall back on their natural behavior and patterns. If you register what happens in an escape room during one hour of playing, you will have a wealth of information about those players. Somehow, Plato already knew that 2400 years ago.

An escape room can be used for many purposes. Fun & engagement, learning content, skills, team dynamics, problem solving, analysis & deduction, out-of-the-box thinking, behavioral styles, leadership, hierarchy & diversity.

How does it work?

Just bring your escape room trolley! Within 15 minutes you can setup your pop-up escape room in any room larger then 16 m2. Introduce the escape room by using your facilitator guide and presentation slides. After playing the escape room, use the reflection script to facilitate discussions about learnings!

The EPIC Leadership Escape Room is based on our EPIC Leadership program and designed as a mobile escape room. You can use this escape room:

  • – as a training activity (trainer toolkit & script included);
  • – during teambuilding (fun!) activities;
  • – to integrate into your immersion program for new employees;
  • – during conferences & events.

(playing a pop-up Escape Room during the Leadership Training of Le Pain Quotidien in London)


“The EPIC Leadership Escape Room” has been designed by gamification expert Michiel van Eunen (Rise Global Top 25 Gamification Guru). Michiel designed pop-up Escape Rooms with teams from different companies, ranging from telecom providers at KPN to coffee blenders at Douwe Egberts, from managers at Le Pain Quotidien to those at Mazda Europe and Schiphol Airport, and General Managers from hotel brands like Accor Hotels, Apollo Hotels & Resorts, and Carlton Hotels.

According to Michiel, the power of the Escape Room is not just in the 60 minutes of intense play. It’s the part right after, that matters. The part where we look back and say: ‘What just happened ?!’. Depending on the time, the group and the development goal (or learning goal), we can look back at the Escape Room – at both individual and team level – through different lenses. Using fresh and specific (and yes, sometimes a bit painful) examples from the Escape Room, makes behavior, patterns and company culture much easier to address. It is a great starting point for change!

Any questions about the EPIC Leadership Escape Room? Feel free to contact us at or call our Global Support Office at +31 (0)23 – 510 0 510. We’ll be happy to assist!

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 35 × 20 cm
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