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EPIC Leadership The Movie + Facilitator Guide

Do you want your managers to be(come) EPIC leaders? Buy this package and receive the EPIC Leadership Training Video +  facilitator guide (scripted) to facilitate your own Introduction to EPIC Leadership training!

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Experience STARs The Movie + Energizer Facilitator Guide

Get inspired, motivated and ready to deliver customer-experiences that make you stand out. It’s not the product that creates a positive experience. It’s people, like you! What kind of experience(s) do you bring to life? Be an Experience STAR and make a difference!


  • USB Stick with the Experience STARs Movie
  • Facilitator Guide (scripted version) to deliver a STAR Energizer workshop
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  • USD: 888.12$
FISH! For Life

FISH! Philosophy creates more fun, passion and energy at work. Did you know that FISH! also works at home? Create a balanced life with enough time for the things that are important to you. Be your best self at home.

In FISH! for Life, you read on about Mary Jane and Lonnie from the first FISH! book. Four years later, Mary Jane is successful at her job. Lonnie is finalizing his nursing training. Their lives are busy and their family and friends pay the toll. Especially Mary Jane falls back into old patterns of much work and stress.

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Remind yourself, your employees or participants in your training every day to the FISH! Philosophy! with the FISH! pen and make even the smallest moments of fun!

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FISH! Sticks

Change is a piece of cake, but to sustain change is a real challenge! How do you ensure that your energy, passion, fun and change holds at work?

FISH! Sticks, the sequel to FISH! and FISH! Tales, tells the fictional story of Rhonda. She is head nurse at the Department of Neurology. In this book, she deals with a declining interest in initiated change process. From a successful New York sushi chef, Rhonda learns how to ensure that her employees remain motivated. She learns how to make change a lasting success.

Will Rhonda manage to create a neuro ward with the FISH! Philosophy where people work with passion and care again?

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FISH! Tales

Bite-size stories with unlimited possibilities. The book includes a 12-week course to help you bring passion, energy and fun to your work! FISH! Tales is a collection of true stories of four businesses that applied the four simple FISH! Philosophy principles.

“But at my job, we can’t throw things!” is a common reaction to the philosophy of FISH ! But there are so many ways to play, to be there, to make someone’s day, and choose your attitude. You can be FISH!y in every industry and in every country. The stories in FISH! Tales inspire you to think about how FISH! fits into your organization.

Read how a call center, car dealership, healthcare facility and roofing use FISH! to get more passion, pleasure and energy to create in the workplace. The result? Increased productivity and employee satisfaction!

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FISH! The Book

Imagine a place where people go to work with energy, passion and energy every day. People who are truly committed to their work, their colleagues and their clients. Do you want more energy, more passion and more fun at work? Learn about the four FISH! Philosophy pillars and apply them!

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Pete the Perch Puppet Set

Not everyone can throw with fish!” is a frequent comment on the philosophy of FISH ! But with this fish everyone can! These small, cuddly fish are ideal for the FISH! support philosophy in any kind of organization.

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