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How do you grow beyond customer and co-worker satisfaction? The Travel Edition of Start Reverse – The Journey will inspire, inform and delight on Customer Experience and EPIC LeadershipAndre Wiringa will take you on a journey helping you to bring purpose, identity and optimal experience to life in your organization, your team and/or in your individual performance.

Tip! Learn from the (reverse thinking) lessons of Josh Smith with Start Reverse – The Novel! Or get both books with a discount…

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Start Reverse – The Novel (Travel Edition) is about Josh Smith, a retailer who has a hard time coping with the impact of online shopping and the changing customer landscape. When he accompanies his wife Marcia on a business trip to London, he learns how some brands are more successful than others. Bread&Care is the brand that inspires him the most, and Josh starts to adapt several of the lessons he learns for his own bookstore. Josh’s team helps to drive a successful turn-around, which initially becomes an inspiring example for the whole shopping street, and later for many others…

Tip! Let us take you on a reverse journey with Start Reverse – The Journey! Or get both books with a discount…

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