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Start Reverse Book The Journey The Novel Package - Travel Edition 2
Start Reverse Travel Edition – Package Deal

How do you grow beyond customer and co-worker satisfaction? The Travel Edition of Start Reverse – The Journey will inspire, inform and delight on Customer Experience and EPIC LeadershipAndre Wiringa will take you on a journey helping you to bring purpose, identity and optimal experience to life in your organization, your team and/or in your individual performance.

Start Reverse – The Novel (Travel Edition) is about Josh Smith, a retailer who has a hard time coping with the impact of online shopping and the changing customer landscape. When he accompanies his wife Marcia on a business trip to London, he learns how some brands are more successful than others. Bread&Care is the brand that inspires him the most, and Josh starts to adapt several of the lessons he learns for his own bookstore. Josh’s team helps to drive a successful turn-around, which initially becomes an inspiring example for the whole shopping street, and later for many others…

Get both books with a € 4,95 discount!

22,84 18,30 excl. VAT
FISH Philosophy Movie - Webshop DVD English Francais Deutsch Nederlands
FISH! Philosophy The Movie DVD

FISH! is one of the most popular training films of all time. FISH! gets people talking, in ways they never imagined, about how they can strengthen trust, appreciation and accountability—the foundation of all great teams.

Buy the original FISH! Movie on DVD now! Available in English, German, Dutch and French. Any questions? Please use the chat function on this website, send us a message or call our Global Support Office at +31 (0)23 – 510 0 510.

822,31 657,02 excl. VAT