Retail Guru Cliff Crosbie joins Performance Solutions

Retail Guru Cliff Crosbie joins Performance Solutions as Senior Partner and Chief Retail Officer. After multiple international and global retail leadership positions (at Habitat, Nike, Nokia, IKEA and Apple), Crosbie decided to focus on (strategic) retail consultancy and concept development.

In his last role as Senior Vice President Global Retail at Prism Skylabs, Crosbie has interacted with hundreds of retailers around the world. Crosbie: “I have seen how technology is changing the landscape of retail. And on the other hand it is obvious that retailers need to stay relevant by creating meaningful experiences every day, in every store.”

André Wiringa, CXO and Managing Partner at Performance Solutions: “As we already knew, our visions on what’s going on and what’s needed in retail are totally aligned. It’s clear that people in retail will always make or break the customer experience.”

Performance Solutions’ mission is to transform (retail) business into memorable experiences, and as a result for customers to be(come) happy fans. For this purpose they have developed the Reverse Thinking & Engineering model and approach. The Reverse Thinking® approach brings a company’s purpose and identity to life. It makes the intended customer experience leading for everything, including the definition of optimal staff behavior and interaction, as well optimal working climate and leadership that facilitate the above.

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