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Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. Changing the way people learn, lead, and interact by transforming employees into ambassadors, business into an experience, managers into leaders, and training into impactful learning. We trigger companies to work collectively to create memorable experiences.  Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at NH Hotels.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Thinking & Engineering turns your customers into loyal fans, and employees into passionate brand ambassadors. We offer Reverse programs as:

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InProve Mystery Shopping

The Challenge

In 2017 NH Hotels was looking for a revenue management tool that could make their competitors rate structure especially for meeting and event services transparent and comparable to their own rate structures.

The Solution

In 2017 together with NH Hotels InProve launched their Competition Rate Check Program. This was incorporated in 20 NH Hotels that were focusing on MICE sales with the focus on 3-5 of their competitors. The revenue management team of each individual NH Hotel defined their competitive set. Based on this PS sends event requests out to the hotels to receive a proposal.

To enable rate transparency for the NH Hotels and their individually defined competitive set, the InProve team placed the monthly requests into the market. These were based on a fake, but yet realistic scenario, personalized for each participating hotel. The underlying foundation of the request is ultimately a “real” company, with its own website and contact person, company history, contact phone number and details. After collecting all the responses and proposals, the rates and included services were registered in a web-based Reporting tool. This reporting tool is available for all the revenue management team.

The reporting tool offers information about:

  • Response times
  • Proposal transmission
  • Room Rates
  • Meeting and breakout room rates
  • Daily delegate rates

The Results

Continuously monitoring their competitors offer, enabled the revenue management team to take their yield decisions faster than their competitors.

  • Over 1500 competition rate checks since september 2017
  • 174 participating hotels in 8 different countries
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IFH Performance Academy

Our commitment to Reverse Thinking highlights the passion for hospitality that we want to let shine through in everything that we do. The participants of our trainings are encouraged to change their perspective and to put the positive, desired customer experience at the center of everything they do. By making use of the FISH! Philosophy, we guarantee that participants will leave our trainings, not only with new knowledge, but also with a smile on their face.

  • Open Training Programs
  • Training by Design (in-company training programs)
  • White Label Academy (learning journey in your corporate design)>
  • IFH trainings are available in 6 languages (German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish)
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FISH! Philosophy

Create unique employee and customer interactions… As colorful as the fish in the sea are the possible applicabilities of the FISH! Philosophy. With FISH! Energizer, FISH! Workout and FISH! Training we offer you three alternatives how you can introduce FISH! to your company. Turning your employees into excited brand ambassadors, who love coming to work and have fun when interacting with colleagues and customers alike.

In many organizations fun is still seen as opposite of work. The fear of being perceived as lazy can be quite substantial. That is why it is important to assure employees that a lively, personal atmosphere is favored and laughing is explicitly allowed. With FISH! you can motivate your employees to be themselves at work.

Do you want to learn more about the FISH! Philosophy? Just drop us a line, visit our FISH! Events or become a FISH! Facilitator yourself by joining the certification program. Please find dates and locations in the event calendar.

NH Hotels Customer Experience - Performance Solutions
NH Hotels Customer Experience - Performance Solutions


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About NH Hotels

Our history

The history of NH Hotel Group begins in 1978, when its first establishment opens its doors – the Ciudad de Pamplona hotel. Four years later, the chain moves beyond the region of Navarra and, with the incorporation of NH Calderón in Barcelona, takes its first steps into what would become just a decade later one of the first hotels chains in Spain, with establishments in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

Our vision and beliefs
Our Vision

One day, whenever anyone contemplates a trip to a city for an overnight stay or meeting, for business or pleasure, they will always ask themselves: “Is there an NH Hotel at my destination?”

This clear and specific vision is the approach guiding the performance and commitment of the people who are part of the Group. Our ambition is that NH becomes the consumers’ choice, offering them memorable experiences by exceeding their expectations and making them feel special. At the same time our vision seeks to turn the Group into the best choice for investors who wish to grow with us, with a global and flexible proposition, with motivated teams who are proud of what they do, with efficient management tools and unique solutions. The Company wants to offer its investors the best management opportunities with a top tier operator in the urban and business segments.

New Culture: Our Beliefs

Always committed to customer service, the Group’s corporate culture has allowed it to differentiate itself within the sector since its establishment. Inspired by its vision, the new NH culture includes past and present in its five-year Strategic Plan, for which the beliefs that will guide the day-to-day activities of the new NH have been identified, fostering change and evolution from a management model to a leadership model.

This new NH culture is reflected in the Company’s eight beliefs:

  1. We are obsessed with delivering memorable experiences
  2. We are proud to serve
  3. We strive to be the best, even if we are not the biggest
  4. We are all responsible for our results
  5. We care for our people. Our people care for our guests
  6. We are active in the communities where we live
  7. We are young minded
  8. We enjoy what we do …and we do all this with a smile!