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Performance Solutions offers a wide range of solutions. From (experience) concept development to training & coaching. From social & mobile learning solutions to customized bite-sized training content & gamification solutions. Below you’ll find an overview of solutions we offered at Monte Carlo Societe Bains de Mer.

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InProve Mystery Shopping

Customers expect your brand to be an experience, an emotional journey, that starts with the first telephone conversation, the welcome at the reception or when entering a shop. The customer contact has become as important and as your product itself. But how do you know whether your customers’ experiences meet their expectations and fulfill your defined brand promise? InProve measures the quality of your company’s service based on criteria tailored to your requirements. InProve enables talent improvement and development of your employees. InProve helps you to detect your employees’ potential and entices them to give their best each day!

  • Helps to find and close the gap between brand promise and brand experience.
  • Supports purposeful talent development.
  • Choose from three auditing methods for Mystery Quality Checks: Mystery Checks, Mystery Calls, MICE Sales Cycles.
  • Consulting and trainings can take place on site or via tele-coaching.
  • Our online reporting tool Performatrix offers clear and mobile access to your results and benchmarking.
  • InProve is available worldwide in a variety of languages.
Monte Carlo Societe Bains de Mer Customer Experience - Performance Solutions
Monte Carlo Societe Bains de Mer Customer Experience - Performance Solutions


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About Monte Carlo Societe Bains de Mer

The history of the resort is closely tied to that of Monte-Carlo. Founded in 1863 by a Sovereign Decree passed by Prince Charles III, this extraordinary enterprise played its part in the birth of Monte-Carlo from its earliest hours of glory, writing the first chapters of an adventure unlike any other, whose consequences are now well-known… Since its foundation, the Société des Bains de Mer has continued to play a fundamental role in the Principality, participating in modern developments and introducing new trends.

For over a century, Monte-Carlo SBM has been responsible for delivering a unique lifestyle, an unparalleled tradition of hospitality and legendary savoir-faire, highly renowned and esteemed by a modern and demanding international clientèle. With over 3000 employees, the Monte-Carlo SBM Group ranks as the leading employer in the Principality of Monaco. Although everyone is aware of its core activities in hospitality, catering and casinos, few realise that the Company offers some 500 jobs in sectors as diverse as entertainment, marketing, the environment, finance, construction and finishing works, well-being, and many more. This diversity of professions and skills guarantees the expertise that the Société des Bains de Mer has offered its customers for over 150 years.

With the State of Monaco as its main shareholder, the Monte-Carlo SBM Resort has a staff of almost 3,000 employees and manages a unique heritage (see our ‘Identity Card’). Its activities embrace numerous fields relating to tourism, leisure and business, casino games, gastronomy, well-being, culture and sports. There are few organisations like it offering such a wide range of skills which are universally admired. A subtle combination of glamour and style, born out of a long-standing tradition and world-renowned hospitality, give visitors a sense that they are at the heart of a legend and becoming part of it.