Photo Essay: An Experience Rally

Sales land is a democracy.

Your customers vote at the register.

As a brand, you must stage marketing experiences to generate demand, argued new experience economy guru Joe Pine during his exclusive masterclass at Performance Solutions. What does an experience look like? To find out, we went on an experience rally.

Think of branding: What does a brand stand for? Is a brand connecting: Were you acknowledged by a staff member within 30 seconds? Explore: Was the staff member comfortable and knowledgeable with the products? Did the staff engage and deliver? Did they thank you for your visit?

Would your customers vote for you?

During an experience rally, you go out and explore brands. Performance Solutions‘ Experience Engineers provide you with drinks, snacks, a map and an experience rally check list… You go out in little groups and make notes, and share your experiences with other groups and compare. Together you’ll find out what makes or breaks an experience (spoiler alert: not your products…).

Experience Rally 1

Experience Rally 2

Experience Rally 3

Experience Rally 4

Experience Rally 5

Experience Rally 6Experience Rally

Do you think a rally could help you and your team define and recognize your brand’s desired experience? Contact Performance Solutions for more information and your tailor-made offer!

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