Nine Tips to Truly Connect

These tips are for the work place, but they work at home too!

1. Send a little present

A bit disappointing when you have not received anything from your significant other, isn’t it? Make sure you meet your expectations, or better, exceed them! Flowers for when you started a big project together or a present at a lustrum party can do a lot!

2. Keep showing attention

Remember that fantastic project you had last year with that customer? And how often do you speak with them now? Even when you do not work close together anymore, make time for a call or a cup of coffee.

3. Surprise

Be thoughtful and give a small gift. Not only when you have to fix something or at special occasion, but just because you can. A smile or compliment work well too.

4. Make eye contact

Truly be there for your customer. Do not think about what you want to say or how your solutions fit in the story of your customer. Just listen. Try this at home too.

5. Personal preferences

Remember your customer’s preferences: his favorite coffee or the way you send your information: email or hard copy via snail mail. A little test: how many preferences can you mention about your key clients?

6. “How was your day, sweetie?”

But then the business equivalent of it. Show interest in the personal life. How are your kids, did you win your soccer match last weekend? Where are you going on your holidays? When you see your client the next time, ask: how was little Timmy’s first school day? You recovered from that aching knee already? How was Italy?

7. Mixtape

Play music your client recognizes, show their corporate movie or get products in their company color, or even from their brand.

8. Match

It’s important for your client to feel that there is a match between himself and the organization. Go ahead and find simular interest, same opinions about matters in your business and learn from each other.

9. Flirt

Without getting corny (or scary): flirt a little! Make compliments, show interest, laugh together. It’s nice. What will you do to make your colleagues and clients feel special? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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