Meeting of the Minds with Emergenetics

Gaining knowledge about the solutions we offer to our clients is an import part the immersion program at Performance Solutions. And the best way to do that is to let them experience it themselves! One of the solutions we offer to gain insights in thinking and behavioral preferences is Emergenetics. By answering scientifically and statistically proven questions via an online survey they receive a personal profile. This helps them to get to know themselves intrinsically and learn to understand their talents. And those of their (new) colleagues!

During the first part of the immersion program they received their personal Emergenetics profile. Today our ’newbees‘ experienced a Meeting of The Minds workshop. The Meeting of the Minds workshop is designed to ensure that the participant discover who they are and understands how they work and communicate. It  increases understanding of colleagues and they receive practical tips to optimize communication and teamwork within the team.

Do you want to learn about Emergenetics? Click here or download the factsheet!

About The Author

Jeroen van der Schenk

Jeroen van der Schenk has a background in the hospitality industry. Being truly terrified to speak in front of groups, he decided 18 years ago to face his fear by applying for a job as trainer/facilitator. Making the impossible possible, he discovered his love for challenges. He has a deep-rooted passion for disruptive business models and bringing the online and offline world together, in order to create meaningful connections. As a keynote speaker and "Experience Engineer" at Performance Solutions, he helps organizations all over the world to turn their business into a memorable experience. Transforming companies in a fun way by engaging people and empowering them to truly make a difference. Jeroen strongly believes that we live in a time where success is no longer counted by dollars and likes, but by how many lives we positively impact. Emotions are the most powerful currency and connections and experiences make the real profit.

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