Knowing Me…Knowing You

People follow behavior, not strategies! This is more and more the case in today’s world, a true leader needs to understand his or her impact on others. Have you ever been in the situation where some people behave according to your decisions and directions where as others don’t? Do you wonder why?

If you think about your team, is there someone with whom you are just never on the same page when communicating? Do you have a great team meeting, but wonder if that certain person got the message? The better you understand yourself, it will be easier to understand others and build a connection. If I am aware of my strength or preferences it makes me feel good. If I feel good and at ease, it will show and affect others if others perceive me as a more balanced and stable person it will help building good relationships.

The Emergenetics Profile shows individual thinking preferences. Emergenetics consists of four thinking preferences, analytical, structural, social and conceptual as well as three behavioral attributes, which are expressiveness, assertiveness and flexibility.

Emergenetics Profile - Thinking and Behavioral PreferencesAnalytical thinkers often ask WHY things are like they are, where as people with a structural preference are more into the question HOW. If you like to be with others and have a very social way of thinking it is of interest with WHOM you are and the conceptual thinking people asking a lot WHAT IF….

Being a very conceptual thinker; I now can understand more clearly why some people (for example…) really need to have a plan to work things through. I am a very spontaneous and last minute worker and can easily cope with this, but if I have to work with the other person we need to arrange and communicate together. Before knowing about my preferred way of thinking I very often prejudge people based on their (for me, “different” behavior).

Understanding the ins and outs (or workings) of Emergenetics will help you to be more sensitive in dealing and communicating with your team members, and it will be easier to understand how you act and behave. Imagine there is an employee who prefers a more analytical way of thinking and yours is more social it might be that you tend to have a nice conversation whereas s/he is waiting for some data and facts to continue. This could lead to misunderstanding issues with acceptance and a more or less ineffective communication.

Being fully aware of your own thinking preferences will give you more confidence in dealing with others, you will gain more credibility and you can individually communicate with your team members. Emergenetics provides clarity around how people interact and how they work. Using the Emergenetics Profile your whole team will even be more fun and communicative. You can use the individual profiles to create high performing (project) teams, and communicate more effectively according to the thought preferences of your team.

Do you want to learn more about Emergenetics and how this can help your team and/or organization? Download the factsheet or drop us a line. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

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