Join us at the Gamification Europe Event 2018 in Amsterdam

Last year we enjoyed participating in the Gamification Europe event in Brighton, UK. For 2018 we’ve got this leading conference on Gamification to come to Amsterdam! Taking place on November 26 and 27, 2018 at the BOOM Chicago Theatre in the heart of Amsterdam. Will you be there too?

About Gamification Europe

Gamification Europe is a 2 day conference that can give you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organization. Exceptional speakers at a great venue in the heart of Amsterdam make sure you got everything you need to go back to your everyday jobs and harness ‚the power of games‘.

As you already know, Performance Solutions is specialized in developing ‘Experience Based Learning’ programs. Our team of Learning Designers cook-up, design, develop & test inspiring learning interventions for our clients.

Why join?

Aimed at bringing together companies and individuals interested in the use of gamification, the event will be packed with world-renowned speakers on this subject. With stories about successes, failures and everything in between. Learn how gamification is used in organizations, schools and businesses. And how it might work for yours too!

As a Heroic Sponsor of this great event, we can offer you a 20% discount on your tickets. You can order yours by clicking this link and use the discount code [PerformanceSolutions]. Any questions about the event? Just drop me a line!
About The Author

Michiel van Eunen

Drawing on experience in education, e-learning, theatre, retail, training, startups, event industry & game industry, I found that this one thing thrilled me the most: designing purposeful fun. When we play, we are pushing to be the best version of ourselves. Working should be more like playing. My power lies in doing just that: using all the powerful elements found in games and use them in organizations to make working more fun, challenging & meaningful.

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