Is Your Customer Really The Focus In Everything You Do?

We are all responsible to make that difference and turn the idea into a reality. After all, we often say, a ‘colleague or employee can make or break any experience.’ So, I wonder, how can we effectively continue to think differently, out of the box and, “reverse” each other?

A differentiating experience asks for differentiating behavior/interaction.

If a change in behavior is needed to bring about reverse, what is our contribution in doing so? Of course a change in behavior asks for new/different guidance and support from leaders. But all is not always in the hands of the leaders. If something, a movement were to become successful it needs to be from the ground or bottom up. Of course, leaders have a large role in the continuing success, but the real success lies in the masses, the front line staff, the colleagues on the shop floor, and dealing with customers and clients day in day out.

Working as a learning designer, we often challenge ourselves to keep thinking reverse. It seems so simple, but we often say to each other, is this really reverse? Are we really starting with the customer, user, or learner in mind? As learning designers, we think reverse, behave in a reverse way and we try to apply it to everything we do, specifically the programs we design. Not only are the programs that are designed about the subject matter ‘reverse’. No. We are reverse learning designers because, as true to good UX, we start with the user in mind.

Customer Focus in Learning Design

  • What is the goal?
  • Which take-aways do you want the learner to remember?
  • What is the learner going to truly experience?
  • How will the learner experience this session, module, learning bite or online expedition? And so on and so forth.

Yes, differentiating experience asks for differentiating behavior or interaction and for me this starts with the products and programs I design. Equally, everyone can think reverse, everyone can create a differentiating experience in their own working context. From business development to the finance department, we are all able to think differently, in reverse, and put our customer, whether internal or external, first.

It’s easy.  Start with the user, guest, colleague, customer or client in mind.  Think Reverse!

Are you thinking in reverse? Are you interested to find out more about how you can think in reverse, and how you can contribute to doing so within your own organization? Get inspired at!

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