Inspiration for Inspiration

What an awesome feeling to return from a delighting holiday and start working with a healthy dose of inspiration. It gives you energy.. You’re inspired…Inspiration… How do i get that?

Your holiday has most likely been a period of events that somehow inspired you. But how do you get the real inspiration out of these events? Here are some tips to get you started:


Think about in which area you want to get inspired. Perhaps you’re looking for a new way of leadership? A way to delight your customers? New recipes? If you know what kind of inspiration you’re looking for, you also know what to look for and pay attention to.


Reflect on situations that happen often to you, whether you take notice of it or not. Which similarities do you find? Why do you like these situations? And how can you use these situations in your daily job? Think about Disneyland, they always have people walking around in Mickey Mouse suits and such. I’m not telling you you should suit up, but the idea is cool, right? Wear a pilot hat when you’re guest are from an airline or a piccolo jacket when a hotel is visiting you.


Don’t just reflect on the positives. Also look at negative examples: did you see a mom screaming to her child in Disneyland? Did Captain Hook’s restaurant have terrible service? Link the negatives to your own behaviour and gain insight on how to improve your approach towards your team, colleagues or guests.


Get to know yourself! Because of all the new insights you gain, you start to realize what your own attitude is like. Are you a curious person? Are you a bit more reserved? Or do you enthusiastically look for new people to talk to? Look back at how you handled things in the past and link these situations to your daily activities. What can you do better? Get inspired by yourself!


Only use the things that appeal to you. Are you inspired by something? Don’t just copy it but tailor it to your own job and company to get the best out of it. Because you only choose the best things out of different situations, you automatically create a fantastic, genuine experience.


Write it down! Don’t even risk forgetting about the awesome ideas you’ve had. Believe me, realizing you had a great idea but not remembering what it exactly entailed….sucks.

I hope this inspired you to get inspired.

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