Brand Experience Evaluations

Our mystery consultants will conduct a complete mystery visit, experiencing all touchpoint’s along the customer journey of your brand. Our consultants provide insights in employee behavior, brand experience, process, quality and other subjects that support your business goals.Together we determine where the gaps are between the actual and desired customer experience and advise you how to bridge those gaps and enhance your desired customer experience.

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Your guests experience starts before they arrive at your hotel. Exceed your guest’s expectations from the first visit of the hotel’s website until the departure and beyond. Brand Experience Evaluations for Hospitality ensure that your guests become and stay happy fans

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Use the moments of surprise along your customer’s journey to make them want to come back-again and again. With our Brand Experience Evaluations you turn quality assurance into experience management.

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Online reputation companies and social media create a transparency, that sets your customer’s expectations even before they enter the restaurant. Brand Experience Evaluations help you to identify the enhancers and pain points of your customer’s experience before they go online.

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Customer expect a seamless experience- online and offline, at the phone, in the store, whenever they are in contact with your company. Brand Experience Evaluations help you to measure the human element as well as your brand standards along your customer’s journey.

BEE Clients

We would love to share recommendations from customers who experienced the power of Brand Experience Evaluation. You can find a selection of our clients below or take a look at our project page!


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