Inprove is more than just another mystery shopping company.
It is about innovation and proof, with the goal to improve.
We believe that the learnings of today are the progress of tomorrow. Most companies are already measuring multiple aspects of the operations, recognize successes and continuously improve. At Inprove, we believe customers deserve the same focused attention in order to successfully achieve the desired experience.

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To close the gap between actual and desired guest experiences.


Our team of consultants will work with you throughout the entire journey. Starting from the first consultation to developing a customized program including questions, scoring, action planning and a tailor-made dashboard.


By measuring and monitoring the customer and employee experience. Our quality research provides you with indepth insights and results.


We increase customer and employee engagement by advising you about the brand promise ant the actual experience. We make the gap visible with mystery evaluations. Our online dashboard provides you the right tools to deliver your brand promise.

Our Solutions

Our mystery shopping solutions are the key to an active and continuous customer experience management to ensure that your customer become and stay your happy fans.


We would love to share recommendations from customers who experienced the power of our Inprove mystery shopping solutions. Please find a selection of clients below and ask us about it. Or visit our project page to learn more about all our clients & projects!



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