How To Survive Blue Monday

Blue Monday happens every year, and every year you get through it. Here are four tips that will make it even easier!


The key to being happy: embrace your patterns. You didn’t manage to go to the gym twice this week? Or you finished the entire bag of chips? Don’t bother! Because you enjoyed that relaxing moment, didn’t you? Weren’t you completely satisfied after you ate the bag of chips? Life’s too short waste it in gyms, and ignore your cravings.


Today’s the day to plan your summer holiday! Dream away on that beautiful island with white beaches, waving palm trees, and the sound of the Pacific ocean…


Plan your experiences! It’s January 2016 before you know it! Get your calendar and score tickets for that play you’ve always wanted to go, plan that hiking tour, and make plans to visit that museum! Plan one awesome experience once a month, so you have something to look forward to. This will make time fly, and in the end of the year you can look back on all those amazing experiences!


Last but not least: Help your colleagues through this blue Monday. Make them happy! Do something sweet, say something nice, make them laugh and surprise them with a lovely compliment!

If you’re really having a particularly bad day, remember: The day will end automatically, and if you make the best of it, you can only make it better. Tomorrow, it’s happy yellow Tuesday!

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