How to make brand interaction work in your business

The coca-cola-bottles with your name on it, the personal interaction when ordering at Zappo’s, the app’s and website designs at webshops which remembers you preferences and data – they all have the same goal: to exceed your satisfaction. It’s an interaction between you and successful brands. This is something you can use as well in your daily business to interact with your clients!


What do you both think is important? Dive into the brand values of your customer. Research the WHATWHY and HOW of the organization. Find overlap – where do you meet each other – what do you both think is important? Pinpoint these values and use it in your communication.  Are the brand values of your clients and the ones of your own organization 100% the opposite? Then it’s maybe time to think about if you are the right party for each other..


Make your client feel comfortable in your organization. Make them feel recognized in their values. For example: is honesty one of your mutual brand values? Act honest to each other and underline that this is an important object for your business as well. Some tips on general mutual brand values:

Innovative: Let the customer experience innovation: Make sure he learns something new and sharse the new plans with others.

Perfection: Make sure every aspect is 100% right. Pay attention to the details, and doublecheck evenything twice.

Differentation: Underline how you differentiate yourself from other brands. Don’t follow the mainstream but show how your organization handles processes different.

Fun: Use humour in your interaction. Make sure to take time for playful/lightly subjects.

Customer oriented: Raise the bar in your hospitality. Make sure the clients feel warm and at ease and pay attention to connection with each other.

Ambitious: Let your client know what the ambitions for you and your company are. Share your thoughts on where you want to be in 10 years.

Flexible: Show your client you are flexible: it is ok to reschdule the appointment, deadlines can be changed quick and without hassle and it is fine to work late for each other.


What are your strenghts and weaknesses – discuss this in an intensive collaboration and define what you both think is important. Set guidelines in working together and make clear guidelines about limits and deadlines.

When the values are aligned, most effective performances can be delivered.

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