F.E.E.D. For Happy Thoughts

In training and coaching we often help people understand the meaning of experience. Where does an experience start? What is the influence of behavior regarding experience? I’m sure you will have your own example(s) of (im)perfect experiences. Every time I have a perfect or an imperfect experience, I think about our reason for being. We are Experience Engineers and help organizations create raving fans. Raving fans that will be ‘loud in the cloud’ regarding their positive experiences.

My professional ‘reason for being’ is to enthuse others to do things in a new, different or unorthodox way. As long it serves the overall purpose of the individual or the company. My ambition is to help them to be their own visionary so they are able to refresh themselves with new ideas that provide new energy.

Our way of working is based on F.E.E.D.: We make learning, exploring and changing, Fun – Easy – Engaging & Different. And wow, how nice is it when someone decides to change and to challenge him/herself to create a better experience. F.E.E.D. helps people to create ownership and from there you can set the next step.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio. You create your own happiness (‘geluk creëer je zelf’) was the statement that was discussed. I totally agree (so far it doesn’t concern illness or other non-influenceable circumstances). Yes, you can create happiness in your life. You can decide to eliminate negative influencers and add more positivism into your life. As a little child I was stimulated to look at the little things around me. I learned how to appreciate the little things and how to be enthusiastic about them. For instance the colorful autumn leaves, the beauty of a painting or the interaction between people. It’s happiness to look around and wonder. It is concrete liking instead of ‘in cloud liking’. So, leave your smart phone, look up, look around and FEED yourself with happiness. It’s up to you 🙂

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