Experience Based Learning

Learn by doing


Performance Solutions ist darauf spezialisiert, Programme zu entwickeln die nicht nur die Theorie abdecken sondern vor allem praktische Erfahrungen mit einfließen lassen. Unser Team, bestehend aus acht Learning Designern, erfindet, designed, entwickelt & testet alle Lerninhalte selbstverständlich selbst.



Wir entwerfen erfahrungsbasierte Lernprogramme,
Sessions, Aktivitäten, Workshops, Kick-offs,
leadership tracks, gamification,…
schaue doch einmal selbst!


Wenn wir neue Lerninhalte konzipieren (interaktive & spielerische Aufgaben), folgen wir den folgenden Prinzipien:


Wir lieben es, unsere gesammelten Erfahrungen zu teilen.
Lass dich hier von unseren Blogs & Artikeln inspirieren.

Join us at the Gamification Europe Event 2018 in Amsterdam

Last year we enjoyed participating in the Gamification Europe event in Brighton, UK. For 2018 we've got this leading conference on Gamification to come to Amsterdam! Taking place on November 26 and 27, 2018 at the BOOM...

Gamification Collaboration - Article Gamification Europe Kira Downer
The Importance of Collaboration in Gamification

In this post we discuss the significant impacts of collaboration within communities and how the Gamification community can use it to our advantage. To improve reach, accelerate growth and create...

Gamification Trends - Experience Based Learning - Performance Solutions-w1200
Gamification – From Player to Professional

The brand of Gamification has been changing since it's conception. This article looks to explore the  the theme of our upcoming conference and hopefully to generate some discussion points before...

Escape Room Pop-up Customized Custom Made Performance Solutions 2
Why I design Escape Rooms for Companies

Last year I designed and played pop-up Escape Rooms with teams from different companies, ranging from telecom providers at KPN to coffee blenders at Douwe Egberts, from managers at Le...

Energizers & icebreakers Blog
Free Download – 7 Training Energizers & Icebreakers

Nobody has an unlimited supply of energy. One of the main goals of a trainer / facilitator is to "manage" the energy level, both up and down! An energizer or icebreaker can be used as a...

The hunt for Mister X

The use of Alternate Reality Games for workforce gamification, recruitment and brand loyalty. A tall, blond man enters the store. Besides the two women at the end of the aisle,...


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