It takes a little guts to show exeptional guest experience. It is scared to be vulnurable, sometimes it is weird to show engagement to a stranger and at some points it is much easier to go. Hereby I state you 3 dares to show more connection in guest experience:


Connection is not a one way road. When you only ask how everyone else is doing and what their preferences are, you don’t engage with each other. Make yourself visible by opening up – also tell stories, anecdotes and jokes about yourself.


A tough one for many! When you want to connect, you often look for similarities, to please another person and to make someone feel he has the best taste. But tastes differ. When you show authenticity, show who the real person is behind your professional attitude, you get much closer to one another.


Never choose to act a way because everyone else is doing it! Choose your own path and search for unique ways to serve and connect. The world would be a dull place when everyone acts the same.

I am very curious on how a bit of -dare- will change the way you connect!

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