Creating ‚Raving Fans‘ through Company Culture

Many companies these days are fighting for the loyalty of their customers. The world around us changes rapidly, and competition is stronger than ever. Consumers are more and more conscious about when and, especially, where to spend their money. But what drives customer loyalty? Is it the best offer? The best service? It is likely a mixture of many things; however, more broadly the experience you receive may truly drive loyalty.

So, when was the last time that you have had a memorable experience?  And what or whom created that experience? Think about it for a few moments…

Now that you have your own story in mind, what makes or breaks the experience? Chances are a person (or employee) is the differentiating factor. It is that person’s behavior that impacted you. Behavior shapes how we are perceived by others. We’ve found that employee behavior can only shine when a business works to create the right company culture by EPIC Leadership. In our experience, a company’s culture can make or break their organization. It plays a pivotal role in the success of any business.

Culture in Action – How to drive employee behavior to create loyalty

Emergenetics - Meeting of the Minds at Performance SolutionsHow well do you know yourself and does that match how others perceive you? As a trainer, I am currently using Emergenetics as a tool to create awareness within teams on how they are ‘experienced’ by their colleagues. I draw a metaphor of the brain on the floor representing the 4 thinking colors and ask each individual to help explain which color(s) would represent their colleague and why? Participants have to really step on the color…

After this assignment, each participant is presented his or her Emergenetics profile. What similarities do you recognize and why? What differences do we recognize and how come? How well do you know each other and most of all… how well do you know yourself? Only then, you will know how you create an experience for each and every customer or guest at every touch point.

Creating ‘Raving fans’ for your company? Think REVERSE and begin with the desired experience in mind. How would you like to be perceived by others? And how can you use your Emergenetics gifts to make that happen?

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