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Receptionist or Director of first impressions?

Have you experienced or hoped for this to happen? A warm welcome with a big smile, cup of coffee, tea or water, some sweets and chocolates placed right in front of the reception desk, a smooth check-in process, a room with a nice view - getting all you asked for and meeting all your needs! In reality we experience often the opposite when entering a hotel. Rooms not being ready, lost bookings, time delay, being ignored or simply a long operation process. This type of first impression ensures your hotel a bad image that will subsequently be difficult to change....

Future of Learning - Talent Development - Learning2020-1
The Future of Learning & Talent Development | Learning2020

The Future of Learning & Talent Development | Learning2020. Last week we proudly hosted the Learning 2020 Event at Performance Solutions and experienced the future of learning! | Social & Mobile Learning Platform LMS
New features in the GrowBee app

Providing gamified content can have a big impact on the way we learn, because having fun is the perfect way to engage. Therefore we have developed micro-learning competitions called challenges, now available in our social & mobile learning app GrowBee! New features in the GrowBee app: Challenges are competitions with gamified content in which the users are able to compete with one another to earn additional reward points! The challenges contain an interactive and real-time countdown until the Challenge closes The winner of the Challenge will be published, acknowledged, and rewarded An improved video player upload The ability to request...

Cammio Video Recruitment Hospitality Me and All Hotels Lindner
Video Recruitment to Assess Future Co-workers at Me and All Hotels

Obsessed with providing a premium candidate experience to fit their unique atmosphere, Me and All Hotels, the second brand of Lindner Hotels AG will now use Cammio to assess their Future Explorers (m/f/d). With their urban and casual flair, me and all hotels address to city and business travelers as well as local heroes willing to combine life, work and communication within a friendly vibe. Each me and all hotel is singular and decorated according to the city’s intimate character. With a first hotel opened in 2016 in Dusseldorf and the second one in 2018 in Mainz, there are now 5 more hotels planned until 2025. Me...

Gen Z team co-workers recruitment emergenetics
The Key to Reaching Your Gen Z Workforce

It seems that just yesterday millennials started making a splash in the workplace, and now we are already welcoming the next generation. With the oldest members of Gen Z starting to enter the workforce and many Americans working past the age of 65, leaders and managers sometimes feel challenged to connect equally with their multigenerational employees who bring varying approaches to work and life. WorkPlace Drivers Let’s start by taking a look at the generations that currently populate the workforce and their workplace drivers. Silent Generation (born 1945 or earlier): Numbering three million and representing the smallest population of working adults, this cohort tends...