FISH! Philosopy

FISH!Y Ever After at KLM

October 15, 2008. Uhm… yeah? And? When my colleagues call dates out of the blue like that, my body usually responds like this: my relaxed face pulls away and a grin appears. This is my non-verbal expression to express: “It’s nothing personal. Just give me a minute and I’ll get...

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Five Ways FISH!
Five Ways To Use FISH! In Your Company

n Pike Place Fish Market, where the FISH! philosophy originates, they throw fish. A common response is: "But at work, I can't throw fish!" But as FISH! Facilitator Jacqueline Eeken says: “If Pike Place can create experiences with dead fish, everybody can!” FISH! AT KLM, VILLA XL AND LE PAIN...

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New Business Partner
Performance Solutions Appointed A New business Partner

In her constant mission to spread the FISH! Philosophy throughout Europe, Performance Solutions appointed TPS Europe BVBA Brussels as business-partner in Belgium. Originating from consultancy, TPS Europe is convinced that the FISH! Philosophy is a fantastic addition to her existing services. FISH! will make a great difference to companies in...

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