Casting is Fun

Tell me about your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? About 2 years ago these were the endless questions I received as I went from job interview to job interview. I found myself calling my family after each interview “but these questions don’t really represent me or who I am; I can’t fully shine with these questions…”

Fast forward 2 years, after participating in a Casting Day at Performance Solutions, I am now sitting behind my laptop creating “alternative” recruitment and hiring concepts for organizations and companies around the world, called Casting concepts.

“Alternative…” maybe, non traditional… definitely.

Casting is a tool in which we work to hire people based on who they really are, what behaviors they show intrinsically, and not per se based on skills and competencies.

 “At Apple our only job requirement is, Love Apple, and the rest we can teach you” a famous quote often used here internally at Performance Solutions, said by Steve Jobs, perfectly sums up, why casting. When you work based on what you love and your passions you show a different more authentic side of you, competencies, skills, those can be taught.

But what does this have to do with experience and what does this have to do with hiring?

Say that you are a hotel, restaurant or retail concept. You want your people to connect with your customers/guests on a personal level. You receive a resume, someone with previous relevant experience, education etc, on paper a perfect match! Except in person, not so, the candidate doesn’t connect and work to make it personal with you, (how are they going to do this with guests you may find yourself wondering). With a casting you can hire people based on the behaviors you are looking for, so that person who naturally connects with the guests, makes them feel welcome and at home in your hotel, restaurant or retail concept gets the job.

What is a Casting Concept?

Casting comes in many shapes and forms. From full on casting events for large groups at once, to group interviews for smaller groups, to even more personal still, a specific style of interview questions. All of this centered around the experience you want to create for your guests and customers. By making the customer/guest experience leading, we aren’t looking at skills, but at who a candidate is and to what extent they already show the experience naturally, so their behavior.

Casting is Fun, Different and a true Experience

Not only are you casting to find the right person, but the candidate is also “casting” you during one of these events. A casting is an experience, it should be fun, and lastly, its an introduction into who you are as brand and the experience you want to give. Even if you don’t end up hiring the candidate you do want to leave them being a fan of your brand. In the end, I was selected as a person to come join Performance Solutions. During my 2 years here I have been further fine tuning my skills and competencies. Context goes beyond process and content. Who you are as a person determines what you do and how you do things.

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