FISH! Tales



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Bite-size stories with unlimited possibilities. The book includes a 12-week course to help you bring passion, energy and fun to your work! FISH! Tales is a collection of true stories of four businesses that applied the four simple FISH! Philosophy principles.

“But at my job, we can’t throw things!” is a common reaction to the philosophy of FISH ! But there are so many ways to play, to be there, to make someone’s day, and choose your attitude. You can be FISH!y in every industry and in every country. The stories in FISH! Tales inspire you to think about how FISH! fits into your organization.

Read how a call center, car dealership, healthcare facility and roofing use FISH! to get more passion, pleasure and energy to create in the workplace. The result? Increased productivity and employee satisfaction!

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Do you have a question? Or do you want to learn more about a FISH! training or workshop? Check our FISH! Philosophy page. Our experience engineers will help you find a solution that meets your needs. Call us at +31 (0)23 – 510 0 510 or send us a message.

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