3 Tips To Make Someone’s Day

Every day is a special day. Doing something extra for someone else makes it even more special. Of course, you’ve already read hundreds of tips to make someone’s day. As Experience Engineers, to make your day is our job. Our three tips are tested and proved!

Our key ingredient for success is: make your compliment as personal as can be. And be creative! The following tips to give compliments really make it fun.

Tip 1: A secret note in your pocket
Hide a card with a handwritten compliment in the coat pocket of your guest. What a surprise when they find it!

Tip 2: A message under a coffee cup
Use a whiteboard marker to write a super short personal message on the saucer of your guest’s coffee cup. What a delight when they take that first sip!

Tip 3: Say it with a post-it
Place a card or post-it with a compliment on the car of your visitor. I always hate flyers placed under my windshield wiper because you always find out too late – in the middle of the road! Make sure it’s a pleasant surprise and place your message at the driver’s door of the car or on the side view mirror!

Do you have more ideas on how to make someone’s day? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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