3 Tips to Keep Customer Experience Top of Mind

I love the beach. On my days away from work, I’ll throw a towel and a book in my dry bag, flip my folding chair over my shoulder and stroll down the block to the warm sand.  And I’m never without my favorite boardshorts.  The other day I noticed I was missing a button, so I dug into that drawer that everyone has in their house…you know…the one with extra buttons from every dress shirt or blazer ever bought. Now you may be asking what this has to do with ‘Customer experience’?

Customer experience was certainly done well by a company named Starbucks.  They created the experience that drew you in, let you personalize your favorite macchiato, and invited you to stay a while with comfy couches and free wi-fi.  Well, even Starbucks understands that keeping the customer experience top of mind is important for their business.

Your company mantra may also be all about creating an experience for your customer, but let’s face it, re-energizing any mantra and staying on top is challenging.

1.  Listen to your customers.  Very simply asking if they would recommend your business based on their own experience is paramount.  It is also know as the key component to the Net Promoter Score.  NPS allows any business to calculate brand loyalty, and repeat customers.

2.  Mystery shop your competition.  You may very well have been an innovator in your industry.  Your customers could very well be returning often.  But what is your competition offering, and how are they doing it differently?  Have your employees or colleagues participate in the mystery shop truly as a customer.

3.  Refocus on doing the basics well.  At times, delivering successful ‘customer experience’ is perceivedby having to offer thewow factor.  Think flagship retail store.  But consistently delivering on the basics of operational excellence only supports those ‘wow moments’ of the customer experience.

Now back to that button. Surprises these days in customer experience can come from the simplest of things.  I found that surf apparel company online and searched for that little button at the bottom the page that I rarely use… ‘Contact Us’.  After emailing a request for one little button I assumed I may get a reply within a week.  Instead 15 minutes later, I was reassured that in fact ‘a few more’ buttons were on the way so my beach days could continue to be complete.

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