October 2016

The hunt for Mister X

The use of Alternate Reality Games for workforce gamification, recruitment and brand loyalty. A tall, blond man enters the store. Besides the two women at the end of the aisle, he is the only customer. He wears sunglasses, a blue-checkered shirt, worn jeans and lemon green sport shoes. You look...

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4 Common threats in Authentically Engaged Organisations
4 Common Threats in Authentically Engaged Organizations

Amidst the blur of always-on mobile devices, agile apps and nimble fingered users, there is an underlying angst amongst business leaders just to stay current.  Compound that with trying to sustain an organization where the frontline staff are often quicker and keener with the pace of change than the management....

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An Emotionally Intelligent Investment

AN EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT INVESTMENT Do you ever wonder how some people can remain calm and collected while others are ticking time bombs in the exact same situation?  That friend, colleague or manager, who takes his stress out on everyone else, may get attention or even results, but at great cost...

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