April 2015

Memorable Experience
Want to Create a Memorable Experience? Stimulate all five senses!

Here are five tips that you can use to give your guest an optimal, tailor-made experience. Personal details makes the strongest connection. SEE What is the clothing style of your guest or for an organization? Very formal or hip and trendy? Adjust your clothing to your guest so you are...

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Photo Essay
Photo Essay: An Experience Rally

Sales land is a democracy. Your customers vote at the register. As a brand, you must stage marketing experiences to generate demand, argued new experience economy guru Joe Pine during his exclusive masterclass at Performance Solutions. What does an experience look like? To find out, we went on an experience rally....

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Media Markt Experience
Interview: Intrinsic Motivation At Media Markt

Do you LOVE Media Markt? At the end of 2013, Media Markt started a development program I LOVE Media Markt to improve the customer experience. Read along with Hans Duineveld, Managing Director at Media Markt Eindhoven, about LOVE, experience walls, and our connected future. The starting point of I LOVE...

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Claiming your place
Why Claiming Your Place Is Important

Rob manages multiple teams, a total of 50 people. He explains bluntly: "It seems as if nobody listens to me. They're restless. As if I don't reach anyone. I'm the manager, am I not? Sometimes it seems as if I'm not the manager at all... It doesn't feel that I'm...

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