11 Tips For Leaders On How To Transform Your Employees Into Ambassadors

How do you transform your employees into ambassadors? Here, I’ve selected 11 tips that’ll help you get there, chosen from my book 365 Way on How to Love Your Employees (and Customers). Why these 11 tips? You can choose one by yourself and then use it. There are 354 more of them, one for every day of the year! Start turning your employees into ambassadors now. Here we go!

Know everybody in your company. Even if your company employs 50.000 employees. Your main job is to talk with your people. This helps as well; make a wall of pictures of everybody including their families. If something changes, act upon it immediately.

Ask your employees every day what you can improve and act upon it immediately.

Every employee should know their Personal Purpose. Make it possible for them to find it. There are lots of ways to do that.


Compliment at least 10 employees every day. The best compliments are those concerning their personality. Second best is their behavior and performance. Third best is how great they look. Fourth best isn’t there. It’s ignoring your employees like most of your colleagues do.

Offer personal help to employees who suffered a big loss in their private lives.

Sometimes you notice you pass someone in your company and you are not greeting at all. Maybe you are thinking things through at that time. Better stop that.

I already told you something about the importance of really knowing your employees and how to do that. You can also invite them to hang a ‘Who Am I’ bulletin board on which they show and express themselves; their kids, their partner, pictures of themselves as a baby, favorite hobby. Let them bring their favorite work of art or some quote that means the world to them.


You know your job in every detail. Your employees know their job in every detail. If not in every detail, they know a lot more than you. Also the quiet ones.
So, you’d better listen, and listen more.

The best high performer should become Chief Talent Development.

You have to defend your employees at all times. You love them, don’t you?

366 (bonus).

During the day say ‘YES’ to all questions and suggestions (within reasonable bounds).

Are you inspired? Buy the book or wait for the next 11 tips on how to transform managers into stewards next month. Do you have more tips on or personal experience with turning employees into ambassadors? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Paul is freelance trainer/coach/speaker/awesomizer at Performance Solutions and author of 365 Ways on How to Love Your Employees (and Customers). He coaches leaders, teams and trainers ‘365 Days of Awesomeness’ and blogs daily about the Secrets of Awesome Lives at paulricken.nl.

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